Friday, 01 November 2013 07:17

SME Business Model Competition 2013

The main objective of this study visit is to enhance the cooperation between University of Puthisastra and Middlesex College Community in order to send off students to participate in this exchange program. More importantly, University of Puthisastra gives students a great opportunity to broaden their understanding and mindset about the outside world, particularly culture, lifestyle, educational system, university’s life of the US in particular. Remarkably, students also had a chance to take campus tour of Harvard University and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), the world most prestigious university.

University of Puthisastra truly believes that UP students did learn and acquire new experiences in the US and be willing to share this splendid moment to other students. Last but definitely not least, University of Puthisastra will be working with partnered universities to conduct this kind of exchange program more for students.
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