Faculty of Economics and Business at University of Puthisastra strives to provide the best learning experinece in Cambodia. We work hard to support your classroom experiences as well as your relationship with our staffs. If you experience any difficulties, please feel free to stop by the Office of Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business to discuss about possible solutions. 

In order to support our students, we provide serveral services and opportunities to our students: 

Academic Advising 

Our mission is to consistently provide students with information that they need to develop sound educational goal. Students can make the appointment with our full time faculties to discuss about their academic life, professional development, and other academic related matters. 

Career, Jobs, and Internship

Our aim is to graduate the leaders in the field of Business and Economics. We strongly believe in learning by doing. An internship is a great for students to apply their knowleadge in real life. It also increases students' understanding of a chosen field, enhance their academic experience, expands their networks, and provides them with a new perspective beyond the traditional classroom. We award up to 6 credits to our students who choose to participate in the internship program.  

International Opportunity 

To expand the horizon of student vision and network, we work closely with our international partners to provide serveal student exchange program and international internship opportunities. Please visit the Office of International Affair for further detail. 

Extracurricular Activities 

FEB is the main sponsor of UP Financial Association, a student-run organization. The main purpose of this group is to promote an understanding of and support of the field of Business and Finance to our student members through community work, conference, training, and journalism. Our goal is to promote leadership experiences to our students. 

Honor Self

Respect Other

Develop Society