Faculty Community

1. Dr. Kang Chandararot, PhD in Economics, Germany
2. Dr Kong Thay, PhD in Economics, Germany
3. Dr. Chhaing Huy, PhD in Economics, Osaka University, Japan
4. Dr. Mam Sarith, PhD in Economics, State University of Management, Russia
5. Dr. Yin Chhengsorn, Ph.D in Economics, Economics State University of Belarus, Russia
6. Mr. Net Wanna, Master of Library and Information Science, University of Washington, USA
7. Mr. Chun Vat, MBA, Charles Sturt University, Australia
8. Mr. Chea Naro, MA in Economics, USA
9. Mr. Chea Ravin, Master of Economics of Development, Australian National University, Australia
10. Mr. Chheng Kimlong, MA in Computer Engineering, Lyon, France
11. Mr. Huot Mao, Bachelor of Commerce, University of Economics, Vietnam
12. Mr. Keo Chettra, Master in Economics Statistics, Politechnique University of Phillipine
13. Mr. Khet Piseth, MBA, National University of Management, Cambodia
14. Ms. Kim Siddavis, DBA, National University of Management, Cambodia
15. Mr. yethny Phearun, MA in Economics, Chiba University, Japan
16. Mr. Sok Heng, MS in Economic System Design, Chapman University, USA

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